In Architecture we seek the best, we know when we design to build, we are designing your hopes and dreams. Therefore we are not satisfied with projects that do not fully satisfy the customer, that do not do fulfil the dream.

For this reason we will use the most advanced innovations in construction materials, construction processes, and state of the art technologies, to better achieve the satisfaction of our customer, without ever losing sight of the necessary economic viability and respect for the environment.



Expansion of Production Plant - Abrunheira, Sintra Quality Control - Restructuration of the area, empowering it as regards the production area. CQ Individualization into two zones, for physical and chemical analysis and introduction of a new area for microbiological analysis, providing it with the stringent requirements.

R & D Tecnimede

Research and Development Unit - Quinta da Cerca, Torres Vedras. Integrates the areas of R & D Chemist and Galenic, part of the strategic growth area, aiming at the group extension and chain of value on the fabrication of the row materials - active ingredients and tests which allow you to carry the manufacturing processes from laboratory to industrial scale. Its implementation takes the central core of the future campus that the group intends to launch. The original buildings were adapted to meet the development and laboratory analysis needs. The new building was designed to, and according to the strict requirements of an R & D, allow maximum flexibility in internal partitioning. The constructive solution is a metallic structure and its surrounding panels "sandwich" (metal) incorporate the outer spans. The infrastructure circulates through the false ceiling and vertical ducts, distributed throughout the building.


Value Engineering - Óbidos Service Area, worked on during the launch of the contest for the execution and commencement of works. Request by CEPSA Portuguesa, the intervention did not cover the technical areas of fuels or buildings. The remaining areas have been subject to an LV study. It was possible to reduce labor costs by approximately 15%.

CTT Correios

CDP 7520 – Sines Postal Distribution Centre, CDP Project, for the industrial batch 11441 of ZIL -2 (Sines Industrial Zone). Some proposals incorporating prefabricated metal frame and reinforced concrete solutions,were prepared. This was the option taken, given the proximity sea. This CDP was designed to support the postal distribution of parcels, with the introduction of a top costumers lounge and a loading/ unloading support area tied to the clients service. The central space includes handling areas and the rear areas are for social and technical support.

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