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interior project 1

interior project 1

Executive Head Office in Lisbon

Interior Design projects for offices defend three main grounds: materiality, innovation and comfort.
Materiality in the conjugation of each element of the space as part individually and as part of the set; innovation, choice and application of the new avant-garde materials, applied following the materiality of each space and improving their use; and comfort, offering opportunities for work and leisure equipped with elements to match your most comfortable occupation. A solid entry announcing the corridor, the backbone of advertising events, featuring the work rooms that follow, as volumes alternate in depth. The special work done around the light and lighting give the space a game of shadows and contrasts that presages the space, thought of as individuals belonging to a single agency, in operation for individual and share a common whole. The choice of comfortable furniture and clean lines, geometric design and revealing their inherent transparence results in an environment of professionalism and thoroughness, punctuated with touches of color.

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