Exergia, through its recent formed unit of Geotechnical works, is prepared to develop works in the area of the geotechnical and geological prospection, geology of engineering, foundations, assays of construction materials and inspection of structures in hardened armed concrete.
The Geotechnical unit is formed by collaborators with experience in the area and of proven ability, being its body technician duly equipped to make face to the placed challenges. The Geotechnical department intends to offer its expertise to project technicians, owners of workmanship and contractors, as much the level of rendering of services as consulting and assessor ship procedures.  
The normal activity of the company encloses the following areas:

Geological and Geotechnical studies aiming to: 

  • Foundation Project
  • Communication road projects
  • Land works projects

Assays in laboratory and in-situ, aiming at: 

  • Characterization of materials for landwork
  • Control of compacting of landfills
  • Characterization and formularization of bituminous mixtures
  • Auscultation of floors
  • Characterization and formularization of hydraulical mixtures
  • Sonic Control of integrity in stakes
  • Inspection and evaluation of structures in hardened armed concrete

The Geotechnical unit is divided in two smaller departmens, the department of mechanical  prospection’s and the department of  works on foundations and land improvement.

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