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The Fencing Installation Committee in Angola, took an important step last week, towards the achievement of its objectives, signing a partnership agreement with Exergia, a construction company, therefore supporting the actions of the referred committee. At this event, we could count with Domingos Pascoal, of the Fencing Committee, as well as with Madaleno - director of Exergia Angola.

Exergia offered thirty pairs of complete equipment, for the sport.This protocol is valid for four years and, and not only involves the purchasing of equipment (masks, weapons (swords, rapiers and sabers), Giles, socks, gloves and body wires), but also a donation of non disclosed amounts. Domingos Pascoal believes that the materials received with the committee, will help to start the expansion of this sport, to the rest of the country. Fencing is a sport that evolved from the ancient form of combat, where the aim is to touch the opponent with a blade, while avoiding being touched by him.
There are three sworplay disciplines: foil, epee and saber, differing not only in the shape of the blade but also in areas of the body where a tap is valid and also how the weapons work. In Luanda, Domingos Pascoal assured, there are already two clusters, in Gamek, where soon will be created a gun room, and at the 3030 school , Ex-Punishable Central, where interested in fencing can find a haven.

"Because we use a weapon, it is necessary that those who wish to practice this art, can do it in an appropriate place with appropriate means; that's why we are creating equipped rooms in Luanda," he urged. The Installation Committee is already recognized by the Provincial Directorate of Sport Luanda and seeks recognition elsewhere. Established in 2008, the commission controls a universe of about 40 athletes and hopes to triple the number soon.
The training of teachers and trainers monitors is a major priority for the committee. The officer in charge, assured the committee that before the end of this year, a training action will be addressed to teachers and technicians monitors. Kwanza Sul is the next step
The Fencing Installation Committee is already thinking about expanding into other parts of the country. The batch of material received from Exergia is, according to Domingos Pascoal, the key step for the expansion of the committee activities. "Everything depended on this step we have just given.There is a strong current of swordplay in Kwanza Sul and should be one of the provinces where shortly, we will begin making contacts. Huambo and Huila are also provinces where, we want to promote this activity, even though it might be a little harder. "he said. Swordplay, stressed, can be practiced in Olympic and Paralympic modal. "We have developed contacts with the Paralympic Committee to create a core of Paralympic Fencing”, he revealed. In its activities, the commission has institutional support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
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